Turck's QR24 universal encoder is now available in stainless steel version for use in food and beverage applications

QR24 Contactless Encoders in Stainless Steel

08/14 – Turck is now offering the QR24 inductive encoder as a stainless steel type

Turck now offers its customers a robust stainless steel variant of the contactless, inductive encoder QR24. The new EQF24 variant of the wear-free encoder is suitable for use in the food industry as well as in many other applications. With the V4A stainless steel housing (1.4404) and the active surface made of PA12-GF30 plastic, the device withstands even aggressive chemicals and high pressures in the cleaning process. The new EQF24 is available with incremental output and SSI interface.

As with other QR24 models, the sensor and the positioning element of the encoder are fully encapsulated and designed as two independent and fully sealed units that can withstand vibration or shocks on the shaft. Wear-intensive ball bearings or seals, that lead to machine downtimes or long maintenance times are not required. The QR24 series has the edge over both optical and magnetic encoders.

Thanks to its intelligent mounting concept using adapter rings, the permanently sealed IP69K encoders can be fitted on all standard shafts with diameters up to 20 millimeters. As well as the new stainless steel variants, Turck also offers the encoder as a multiturn or singleturn version with an SSI output, incremental output and analog voltage/current output.

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