Turck's Li-Q25L combines the benefits of the contactless inductive measuring principle with IIoT features via IO-Link

Shock-Resistant Linear Position Sensors with IO-Link

20/21 – Turck's robust Li-Q25L achieves a shock resistance of 200 g and combines the benefits of the contactless inductive measuring principle with IO-Link

Mülheim, November 4, 2021

Turck has further developed its Li-Q25 inductive positioning systems and equipped the contactless linear position sensors with IO-Link. COM3 of the new Li-Q25L enables it to support the latest and fastest IO-Link interface. Its inductive measuring principle outperforms alternative systems, particularly in terms of shock resistance and sampling rates. Thanks to the contactless coupling between positioning element and linear position sensor, the device outputs a reliable position signal even with vibrations or shocks of up to 200 g. The sampling rate of 5 kHz reduces position error to a minimum – constant over the entire measuring length. A 16-bit converter also guarantees highly accurate measuring results. With measurements of up to 2,000 mm, the devices particularly outperform magnetostrictive linear position sensors, for which the sampling rates become slower as the measuring length increases.

The Li-Q25L can be integrated in Profinet systems via Turck's Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI) software without the need for any additional software. The IODD Configurator simplifies commissioning and maintenance. Besides cyclical data, the linear position sensor also transfers diagnostic data to the cloud via IO-Link. This seamless communication ensures data transparency for Industry 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance, in order to optimize machine availability as well as lower maintenance costs.

The robust sensor complies with protection type IP67 and can be used in the extended temperature range from -25 to +75 °C. Turck is offering the device in measuring lengths of 100 to 2,000 mm. The Li-Q25L is insensitive to magnetic fields and is ideally suited for use in demanding applications with a severe shock load such as in the metal and woodworking industries. 

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