New software features simplify the engineering, commissioning and maintenance of Turck's IO-Link devices

Simplified Handling of IO-Link Devices

11/21 – Web server update of the Turck IO-Link masters simplifies the parameterization, commissioning and maintenance

Mülheim, July 23, 2021

Turck has simplified the integration and handling of IO-Link devices with an extensive web browser update for its block I/O modules. The new web server with optimized user guidance, an intuitive design, context-based help functions, as well as clever software components such as the IODD Configurator, simplifies commissioning and maintenance of IO-Link devices without additional software.

The IODD configurator makes it possible for example to display relevant parameters in plain text or to graphically display the measurement curves of sensors. Via the manufacturer independent database "IODDfinder", the user has access to all IO-Link devices available worldwide. The IODD configurator can be used now as part of the web server update on all current firmware versions of Turck's IP67-IO-Link TBEN-Lx-8IOL, TBEN-S2-4IOL masters, as well as the FEN20-4IOL IP20 variant.

Turck supports the engineering of IO-Link devices with the "Simple IO-Link Device Integration" (SIDI). IO-Link masters with SIDI enable the devices to be handled like genuine Profinet modules with their own GSDML entry. Users can select devices from the device library and integrate them via drop-down fields – without the need for any programming or additional software.

The connection of existing systems with their own software solutions enables Turck to provide a flexible overall solution for handling IO-Link devices – both in the engineering as well as for commissioning and maintenance. This once more underlines the commitment of the automation specialist to being a digital automation company with end-to-end IIoT solutions.

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