Christian Pauli and Christian Wolf (from left), managing directors of the Turck Holding, intend to set up optimum structures for production, logistics and sales in Europe, Asia and America in order to ensure ideal coverage of local customer requirements.

Turck Group Preparing for the Future

14/19 – The automation specialists aim to ensure worldwide growth also in the future with an optimized corporate structure

Mülheim, August 9

Shareholders, advisory board and management board of the Turck Holding aim to strengthen the international growth of the Turck group for the long term and make the company fit for the requirements of the future. Activities will center around the extensive differentiation within the group into the automation technology business and the development and production services. By centralizing technology focuses at particular sites, Turck aims to considerably expand development and production capacity internationally. 

“Concentrating on the relevant core businesses will provide each area with the ideal conditions for cultivating the market,” says Turck Holding managing director Christian Wolf. “We will create optimum structures for production, logistics and sales in Europe, Asia and America in order to ideally cover local customer requirements. The setting up of a supply-chain optimized production in each region is an essental requirement for this.” 

For automation technology, the Halver site will also continue to play an important strategic role in the future as a technology and production site, and implement the regional concept for production and logistics. Turck will establish an additional production facility for Europe in Lublin in Poland. This will come into operation in the course of the year. The restructuring of production activities inside Europe, as well as from Asia back to Europe, will reduce ineffective and costly logistics routes. 

“We are in open discussions with employees, as well as with the works councils, so that everyone is notified as early as possible about changes in the coming years,” explains Joachim Göddertz, interim managing director of Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG in Halver. “Established structures must be examined and changes made where necessary. Only through sustainable economic production, efficient supply chains and a customer-oriented service can we also continue to secure international growth in the future and thus also the future of the Halver site.”

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