Paper Not Plastic: Turck logistics manager Stefan Schmuck has successfully upgraded the packaging processes at the Mülheim Logistics Center

Turck Logistics Center Establishes Sustainable Packaging Concept

26/19 – Optimized cardboard packaging, recycling paper padding and wet adhesive tape replace plastic padding and PVC adhesive tape

Mülheim, November 13, 2019

Turck is reducing the use of plastic down to a minimum at its Mülheim Logistics Center, thanks to the use of a new sustainable packaging concept. The ergonomic packaging technology with new cardboard packaging at the same time reduces the physical load placed on employees. From a total of five cardboard box types, two of which have adhesive fastening and a tear line, and three consisting of tab locking cardboard boxes with additional layers, employees are able to select the optimum packaging for the majority of shipments and thus eliminate the need for filling material. The plastic bubble wrap and cushions previously used as a filling material have been fully replaced by Green Line paper packaging, which is made 100 percent from recycling material. The PVC adhesive tape is also no longer used – large cardboard boxes are closed with fiber-reinforced wet adhesive tape.

“While we were testing our new packaging concept, we received a lot of positive feedback from everyone involved,” explains Stefan Schmuck, head of logistics at Turck. “Our employees were delighted with the simple and ergonomic package handling system, while the increased goods security resulting from the improved closing system pleased our customers. We ultimately all benefit from the avoidance of plastics and the resulting sustainability.

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