Thanks to AEO certification, Turck can speed up the cross-border shipment of goods

Turck Receives AEO Certificate

01/12 – Turck customers can now benefit from a simplified and faster customs procedure

The Main Customs Office (Duisburg, Germany) has issued the automation specialist TURCK with an AEO-C certificate (Authorized Economic Operator – Customs), which certifies the safe and reliable handling of international business. TURCK customers can thus now benefit from faster and more reliable delivery processes across EU borders.

As a certified AEO, Turck can now make use of simplified customs procedures and ship deliveries faster, thanks to the fewer inspections of goods and papers required. The status of an approved economic operator indicates to the customer that he is dealing with a reliable and trustworthy trading partner. During the process of AEO approval, the applicant must demonstrate the implementation of a satisfactory record keeping system, proven solvency and the observance of customs regulations over several years beforehand.

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