Encoders with measuring wheel systems are ideal for the measurement of lengths and speeds – even for retrofits

Wheel Systems for Length and Speed Measurement with Encoders

09/22 – Turck has added spring arms and measuring wheels to its encoder accessories for different application scenarios with linear moving objects

Mülheim, September 29, 2022

Turck has added spring arms and measuring wheels to its encoder portfolio, thus offering a reliable solution for measuring linear moving objects. The freely combinable spring arms and measuring wheel systems enable the measurement of lengths and speeds with conventional encoders. This makes it possible to monitor the progress or speed of conveyor belts easily. The three spring arms cover different requirement profiles – from price sensitive/space saving to low maintenance/flexible spring arms right through to particularly robust spring arms providing high contact pressure.

All spring arm variants were developed for incremental and absolute solid shaft encoders. The spring arms are combined with measuring wheels with circumferences from 200 mm to 500 mm. Different coatings ensure optimum contact on metal, glass, textiles or wood. Users can thus put together the ideal system of encoder, spring arm and measuring wheel for their application.

The space saving, small RA-SAB-5-20 and -24 spring arms are designed for measuring in small spaces with quietly running machines. The easy-to-install and compact 15-36 model offers an exceptionally wide pretension range and many combinable measuring wheels. Applications with more demanding contact pressure requirements can be optimally implemented with the large 30-36 spring arm.

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