Even dust in explosion-proof areas cannot harm the non-contact QR24-Ex

Bearingless IO-Link Encoder for Hazardous Locations

Turck's non-contact QR24-Ex with IO-Link interface increases plant availability in Ex applications due to dust and shock resistance

Turck now also offers the non-contact encoder QR24 in a version for use in explosion-proof areas of zones 2 and 22 or 3GD. Especially in dusty environments, the non-contact measuring principle is clearly superior to bearing-guided optical encoders, as these are susceptible to dust penetration.

Non-contact design principle for extreme robustness 

In the QR24, the sensor unit and position unit are designed as two completely independent, fully encapsulated units. The encoder is thus optimally protected against dust, vibrations, shocks and impacts.

Your Benefits

  • Maximum safety in dust Ex environments
  • Highest availability thanks to fully encapsulated sensor unit 
  • Reduced stockholding due to parameterizable universal encoder
  • IIoT-Ready with IO-Link

In contrast to encoders with magnetic position elements, the QR24 has a higher resistance to interference magnetic fields. Typical fields of application for the QR24-Ex are in the chemical, mining or food industries - especially in mills. However, many applications in the textile or woodworking industries also require an encoder approved for 3GD.

Smart additional functions through IO-Link

The QR24-Ex extends Turck's premium encoder line. It outputs its signal via the IO-Link interface V1.1, which makes it easier to set parameters such as output signal or zero point. The encoder can be used as a single-turn and semi-multiturn encoder that records the number of revolutions. The encoder uses 16 bits of the 32 bit wide IO-Link signal for the singleturn value, 13 bits for the number of revolutions and the remaining three bits for diagnostic data. In this way, the operating status can be determined at any time and maintenance intervals can be planned in advance, which effectively prevents unexpected machine downtimes. 


  • Food industry, especially in mills
  • Wood Processing
  • Chemicals and Mining
  • Other industries with Ex- and Dust-Ex areas


  • Freely parameterizable zero point and output signal
  • Resolution: 16 bit singleturn, 32 bit in IO-Link mode 
  • 3GD approval, ATEX zone 2, 22
  • Insensitivity to electromagnetic interference fields
  • IO-Link V1.1


Application: Recording the Swivel Movement of a Core Shooter

The swivel movement of the core carrier, which is recorded by the contactless IO-Link encoder QR24-IOL from Turck, has a major influence on the clock rate of the machine

Success Story: Contact-free Encoder in Potato Production

Turck’s QR24 encoder is demonstrating the superiority of its contactless measuring system on a buffer conveyor in the potato processing area at Schaap, a company based in the Netherlands

At a Glance: Selecting the Correct Encoder for your Application is Simple

From the Efficiency Line up to Premium encoders with contactless detection 


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