Family gathering: The FS+ flow sensor now features the same plain text display as the other sensors of the Fluid+ family

Flow Sensor with Plain Text Display

Alphanumeric display of the FS101 sensors combines operation and commissioning of Turck's FS+ fluid sensor family

Turck has added the FS101 flow sensor to its FS+ fluid sensor family. The new FS+ devices have the same look and feel and are therefore just as easy to run and commission as all other sensors in the family. The four-digit 12 segment display on the devices shows the current flow value clearly as a percentage of the setpoint.

Your Benefits

  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • High reliability thanks to error-proof teach-in support with Delta Flow 
  • Easy operation thanks to plain text display with capacitive touchpads

IO-Link smart sensor profile

The implemented IO-Link smart sensor profile simplifies the conversion of the IO-Link flow sensors of other manufacturers to the FS+ devices since process data, parameters and functions are standardized. The sensors can be used for example to monitor flows in coolant circuits or for dry-run protection in pumps.

Easy commissioning with Delta Flow

The FS101 retains the two unique Quick Teach and Delta Flow functions that already simplified commissioning in the FS100 with a bargraph display. Delta Flow ensures that the teach-in is not performed until the warm up phase of the temperature peak is completed, and a constant flow is present. This therefore eradicates a frequent source of errors in traditional parameterization processes. Users benefit moreover from the trouble-free operation via capacitive touchpads. Turck will continue to offer the earlier FS100 devices with a bargraph display.


  • Automobile sector
  • Machine building 
  • Factory automation


  • Plain text display shows flow value as a percentage 
  • Hysteresis and window function
  • IP67/IP69K
  • IO-Link smart sensor profile
  • Output of the temperature value via IO-Link or analog output


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All Details about the FS101

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