The FOC media converters are the only devices on the market that can also transmit intrinsically safe RS485IS data in zone 1 via fiber optic cables

FOC Converters Transmit Fieldbus Data via FOC

Turck's FOC series transmits intrinsically safe fieldbus telegrams via fiber optic cables – also over distances greater than 2500 meters

Turck is presenting new optocouplers for transmitting fieldbus communication via fiber optic cable (FOC). The single or dual-channel devices of the FOC series transfer fieldbus protocols such as Profibus-DP or Modbus RTU as light signals along fiber optic cables. The two Ex variants of the FOC couplers are unique on the market as they can be installed in zone 1 and can transmit intrinsically safe signals in accordance with RS485IS.

Communication over more than 2500 meters distance

The FOC media converters are able to cover large distances of over 2500 meters, depending on the fiber optic cable used. FO cables are also immune to electromagnetic interference.

Your Benefits

  • Highest availability possible thanks to ring topology
  • Fiber optics are immune to electromagnetic waves for maximum reliability
  • Enables fieldbus communication links over long distances - ideal for plant expansions

Users can also configure ring topologies for maximum availability with the devices in addition to point-to-point connections. All devices are provided with a universal shielding concept that can be easily adapted to the particular process. The alarm output of the FOC converters says errors, which considerably shortens the time required for troubleshooting.


  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • All process industries with hazardous areas


  • Fieldbus telegrams transmitted via FOC
  • Long transmission distances up to more than 2500 meters depending on the used FOC
  • Mounting in Ex-Zone 1 for transmission of RS485IS via FOC - unique


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