The UNC design enables BIM magnetic field sensors to be fitted perfectly in SMC C-groove cylinders

Magnetic Field Sensors for C-Groove Cylinders from SMC

06/19 – Turck is adding a special design for SMC pneumatic cylinders to its range of BIM Series magnetic field sensors

Mülheim, March 11, 2019

Turck's portfolio of magnetic field sensors is being expanded: The BIM-UNC product series was specially optimized for perfect mounting in the C-groove pneumatic cylinder of SMC. BIM-UNC sensors can be inserted from the side into the groove with one hand and without the need for any additional mounting accessories. A quarter turn of the screw causes the thread to press the sensor against the pneumatic cylinder and secure it against vibration. A tightening torque of only 0.1 Nm is required to fasten it and the cylinder is not damaged in the process.

The BIM-UNC Series is ideal for applications in materials handling and automated assembly or in punching machines and industrial robots. Magnetic field sensors are used particularly for measuring the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. The sensors of the UNC Series with protection to IP67 are specified for a temperature range from -25 to 70 °C. A 2 m cable variant as well as M8 and M12 pigtails are available as standard, with either PNP or NPN output functions.

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