The relaunch of the IMX12-CCM promises improved intuition and compatibility

Monitoring Control Cabinet Climate with IMX12-CCM

The relaunch expands the application field of the control cabinet guard for remote I/O and simplifies commissioning

Turck has fully updated its IMX12-CCM control cabinet guard. The devices are now commissioned via haptic pushbuttons instead of light sensors, making them even more intuitive. The temperature range has also been improved: a range from -25...70 °C enables the devices to also be used in the control cabinets of remote I/O, which are frequently installed in areas where it can get hot due to neighboring systems or sunlight. Turck also improved compatibility with isolating transducers that supply power to the devices in the Ex area. The IMX12-CCM devices are also compatible with the isolating transducers of other companies as well as those from Turck.

Your Benefits

  • Fast commissioning via teach button
  • Extended temperature range enables use in remote I/O control cabinets
  • Increased safety and improved plant availability by monitoring the climate of the control cabinet

Besides the fully redesigned IMX12-CCM, Turck offers other control cabinet guards for different scenarios and customer segments. Users running their own condition monitoring software on a compact device choose the IMX-CCM40 or IMX-CCM50 with a Linux platform, depending on the requirements. Turck offers the IMX-CCM60 with the preinstalled SIINEOS software platform for customers looking for a condition monitoring platform that can be parameterized without any programming knowledge. SIINEOS offers a wide selection of ready-to-use applications with which the integrated interfaces and sensors as well as all standard network and industrial protocols can be integrated.


  • Chemical industry 
  • Food industry
  • Hydrogen economy 
  • Other sectors of the process industry – also with hazardous areas


  • Temperature range -25 … +70 °C 
  • Three internal sensors and one Reed contact
  • Connectivity option of a Power Good signal or an alarm contact
  • HART interface


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Efficient Monitoring of Cabinets in the Field

The IMX12-CCM signals when limit values are exceeded in the control cabinet. Learn more!

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All Details about the IMX12-CCM

Approvals, data sheets, technical specifications, instructions, certificates,CAD data and more


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