Thanks to IO-Link the pressure sensors supply diagnostic data for condition monitoring and can also be parameterized as required

Robust Pressure Transmitters with IO-Link

Turck is expanding its PT1000/2000 pressure sensor range with device variants featuring IO-Link and two programmable switching outputs

Pressure transmitters from Turck's PT1000/2000 series are now also available with an IO-Link interface and two programmable switching outputs. Besides their ability to withstand shocks and changes in pressure and temperature, the sensors thus also offer all the benefits of digital communication, including enhanced diagnostics and flexible parameterization.

Providing data for condition monitoring

For example, IO-Link enables users to monitor electrical short circuits, overpressures and underpressures, as well as values exceeding the maximum operating temperature. Other data for efficient condition monitoring can be supplied by an operating hours counter, a maximum and minimum pressure memory and an overpressure meter.

Your Benefits

  • High availability thanks to reliable operation – even in case of vibrations, shocks and fluctuations in pressure or temperature
  • Extended diagnostic functions via IO-Link enable predictive maintenance
  • Flexible use due to compact housing and numerous parameterization options
  • Wide range of variants regarding pressure range and process connection

Setting the output behavior as required

The pressure transmitters can be operated with two switching outputs or with IO-Link communication and one additional switching output as required. These switching outputs can be set for either PNP or NPN operation. This makes it possible to set the location of the switch points within the measuring range and their behavior as required.

Matching sensor design and pressure range

Turck offers the compact pressure sensors with protection to IP67 and IP69K in two different designs: PT1000 series transmitters cover a measuring range from 0…1 bar to 0…40 bar and operate with a ceramic measuring cell. PT2000 series devices are provided with fully welded measuring cells for higher pressure ranges. Their measuring range is 0…1000 bar. Regardless of the series, the pressure sensors offer users the benefit of a high measuring accuracy of ±0.3 % FS BSL.


  • Protection classes IP67/IP69K 
  • Measuring accuracy of ±0.3 % FS BSL
  • Two switching outputs (PNP/NPN) or IO-Link communication and additional switching output
  • Integrated operating hours counter, maximum and minimum pressure memory as well as overpressure counter


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