With a shock resistance of 100 g and a stainless steel housing, Turck's distance radar sensor is ideal for rugged outdoor applications

Smart Radar Sensors for Rugged Environments

With protection to IP69K and a shock resistance of 100g, the IO-Link devices are also suitable for rugged outdoor applications

Turck is presenting robust radar sensors for distance measurement up to 15 meters for rugged application areas in factory automation as well as in outdoor or mobile applications. The rugged 122 GHz devices with protection to IP67/69K are shock resistant up to 100 g and are therefore suitable for distance measurement in application areas such as in port logistics, in which optical or ultrasonic sensors are unsuitable due to their limited range or disturbance factors such as dust, wind or light.

Your Benefits

  • Easier commissioning thanks to Turck Radar Monitor
  • Highest availability thanks to high shock and temperature resistance as well as IP67/69K
  • Broad application range due to its insensitivity to dust, rain or light

Turck Radar Monitor visualizes signal curve

The browser-based Turck Radar Monitor parameter user interface simplifies the setup of the DR sensors by means of the real-time display of the signal curve – especially when setting filters to suppress interfering signals or in complicated mounting situations. When mounted in direct proximity to each other, the FMCW measuring principle of the devices prevents any mutual interference between the signals. 

Three output variants increase variability 

All DR-M30-IOL sensors are provided with IO-Link as well as an analog and switching output, in which the analog output can also be configured as a second switching output. In conventional applications, the devices can also be operated without IO-Link. Three different lens configurations enable optimum device selection according to the application, depending on whether a short and wide, a medium or a long and narrow detection field is required.


  • Port logistics
  • Machine and plant building
  • Mobile equipment


  • Sensor data visualization and parameterization via Turck Radar Monitor
  • Shock tested up to 100 g
  • Three opening angles: Standard, wide, narrow 


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