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Turck BL67 and Banner Pick-to-Light systems ensure error-free boiler production in the Netherlands

In order to implement a “zero error philosophy” the Dutch Bosch subsidiary Nefit has redesigned and rebuilt its existing assembly line. System integrator Hollander Techniek was commissioned for this project and relied on components from Turck and Banner to complete it.
  • The green light shows the operator exactly which bin he has to remove the appropriate part from

  • The Pick-to-Light modules from each picking station are controlled by a separate SPS

Just like in automobile production, each boiler is individually produced. The Bosch subsidiary Nefit, implemented a “zero error philosophy”. The boilers are moved along the assembly line in groups of four. A central SPS and a pick-to-light application signalize which components should be integrated into the boiler at what time.

“With the previous pick-to-light system, the engineers had to turn off the light themselves after removing a component from the container. This creates errors, such as the removal of an incorrect component or incorrectly turning off the light,” says Plasschaert. This called for a drastic redesign and construction of the existing production line. Nefit brought the system integrator Hollander Techniek into the project.

Fundamental changes
“The innovative aspect of the new system lies in the fact that the pick-to-light modules are controlled by several SPS (stored program controllers) and no longer from one PC. We decided in favor of the Turck BL67-I/O fieldbus modules that are connected to one another via Profinet, because both the input signal as well as the output signal can be coupled via an M12 plug-in connector.” Using the modular remote I/O system BL67, Nefit is currently able to change the allocation of the picking stations retroactively as well. The system can be mounted quickly, takes up little space, is maintenance free and can be quickly reconfigured.

The pick-to-light system itself is also supplied by Turck. For integrated upgrading, a sensor cable ranges from the picking station to the Profinet I/O, which heavily reduces the installation time. This is a considerable benefit compared to the previous system which still worked with individual sensors and picking LEDs. Manually turning off the lights is no longer an issue, because an infrared beam records the hand of the operator automatically so that the green LED turns off and signalizes that the right part was removed. If the operator removes the wrong part from a different container, then the light turns red immediately. This is how the pick-to-light system developed by Banner saves not only time, but it also drastically reduces the error possibilities.

Marcel Vennemann is the director of field sales at Turck BV in the Netherlands

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