Carrier Identification in Electronics Manufacturing

Turck's identification solution for miniature workpiece carriers ensures precise single tag detection and increased efficiency in smartphone production

Precision and efficiency are indispensable prerequisites of the highly specialized world of electronics production. Miniature workpiece carriers present a particular challenge here since they require highly accurate identification methods due to the small dimensions involved. A manufacturer of electronic components was faced with the challenge of optimizing the identification of miniature workpiece carriers in the production line. The carriers were only a few centimeters in size and only a few millimeters tall. Conventional identification methods were pushed to their limits since they could not achieve the required accuracy in the limited space available.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable single tag detection for clear information assignment
  • Minimum mechanical effort for placing tag, also in metal
  • Cost and time saving by the creation of a line topology in HF bus mode

  • Precise metal carrier identification despite the limited space

  • RFID tag in metal: reliable reading of tag information

  • Precise single tag detection: the M12 HF read/write head ensures the clear assignment of information

Miniaturization challenge

The limited space available, both for tags as well as for the read/write heads, made accurate detection of miniature workpiece carriers considerably more difficult. Special read/write heads and RFID tags that were extremely compact but still reliable and efficient provided the answer. Turck's RFID identification solution with RFID HF read/write heads in a compact M12 housing and 4 x 3 mm miniature in-metal tags have been designed precisely to meet these requirements.

Exact carrier detection for maximum product quality

Only through the precise identification of each miniature workpiece carrier is it possible to assign the information on the tag accurately and assign each component to the correct steps in the manufacturing process. Errors in detection can lead to faulty products and thus affect quality assurance. Turck's read/write heads with an M12 housing are provided with a focused detection area that is adjusted precisely to the size of the workpiece carrier, thus ensuring reliable single tag detection. The miniature tags can be integrated effortlessly in the workpiece carrier and tags can even be read reliably in metal carriers, thus ensuring the unique identification of the workpiece carriers.

Minimizing costs and effort thanks to HF bus mode

Turck's HF bus mode comes into its own in applications like this, in which multiple HF read/write heads are used in a restricted space.  It ensures the efficient integration of multiple read/write heads in the production environment. Up to 32 read/write heads can be connected on one port of the interface device in a line topology. This reduces installation effort and costs considerably.

Greater efficiency and improved quality

Turck's RFID identification solution led to a substantial improvement in the production process. The error-free identification of workpiece carriers led to a significant increase in product quality and a reduction in rejects. With HF bus mode, the user was also not only able to effortlessly integrate multiple read/write heads into the production environment but also to save valuable time.

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