The read/write heads offer in combination with the RFID tag several possible variations for different applications

RFID Read/Write Heads and Tags in Miniature Format

Turck's compact HF RFID solution in an M12 housing enables easy identification of miniature objects

Turck is expanding its RFID product portfolio with four read/write heads in an M12 housing and an in-metal tag in the compact 4 x 3 millimeter format. The combination of miniature tag and read/write head enables the identification of very small metal objects in very restricted spaces. These enable the implementation of piracy protection applications for spare parts and consumables. Typical applications for this solution can be found in machine building, wood processing machines or CNC machining tools as well as in packaging technology and electronics manufacturing.

Your Benefits

  • Investment protection through piracy protection 
  • Digital nameplate and storage of history and setting also for miniature objects 
  • Widely used SLIX2 chip suitable for use beyond of plant boundaries 
  • Fast installation, since an in-metal tag does not require any additional protective measures
  • Particularly inexpensive for installation in HF bus mode

Reliable component identification with integrated security

With 316 bytes of available memory and password protection, the mini tag with the SLIX chip from NXP can be used as a digital nameplate for unique component identification. This allows manufacturer data, technical specifications or the service history to be stored in order to implement effective piracy protection in machines or other applications. The password function of the tag provides protection against the unauthorized reading and writing of information. Alternative charging models can also be implemented by recording machine runtimes and component service times.

Flexible installation options and cost efficiency thanks to HF bus mode

The read/write heads are available for both flush and non-flush installation. A variant supporting HF bus mode is also provided for both options. HF bus mode enables the cost-effective installation of up to 32 read/write heads in a line topology, thus substantially reducing the installation effort required.


  • Woodworking machines
  • CNC machines
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Packaging machines 
  • Electronics manufacturing


  • Protection type IP67
  • M12 housing
  • Password protection
  • 3 x 4 mm miniature tag
  • Can be used directly on metal 


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