Condition Monitoring of Refrigeration Plants

Combined condition monitoring sensor with IO-Link measures vibration and temperature to guarantee the operational safety of refrigeration plants and coolers

The temperature and vibration of device compressors and fans must be monitored in order to ensure the efficient and trouble-free operation of cooling equipment. These values enable the early detection of machine faults since changes in vibration often indicate serious problems – such as imbalance, loose parts, incorrectly aligned shafts or dirty rotor blades. Increased frictional resistance also causes higher temperatures.

Your Benefits

  • Versatile use – in brown field and green field applications thanks to dual switching output as well as IO-Link
  • Easy commissioning with robust and sealed housing
  • Maintenance-free thanks to robust and sealed housing

  • Fans cool the compressed and gaseous coolant, causing it to liquefy

  • Rotor blade imbalance causes vibrations that are reliably detected by the CMVT

  • Vibration monitoring on the compressor of the refrigeration plant

Robust sensor measures vibration values on three axes

The robust CMVT vibration sensor with integrated temperature measurement captures vibration values on three axes and analyzes them internally. The sensor here optionally supplies the threshold values directly via IO-Link in accordance with the ISO 10816-3 machinery standard. The standard groups machinery according to their limit values for vibration severity. 

The refrigeration plants compress the gaseous coolant in the compressors where it heats up. The compressed coolant is then cooled by fans at a constant pressure via air cooling, causing it to condense – i.e. become liquid. The liquid coolant is finally returned to its gaseous state via an expansion valve, by which the cold is released. If vibration or temperature exceed the defined limit values, the CMVT outputs a warning message via IO-Link or basic switching outputs so that appropriate measures can be taken directly. In this way, the CMVT can for example reliably detect contamination on the rotor blades, which causes an increase in vibration.

Easy integration via IO-Link

The CMVT is commissioned easily via the free and web-based Turck Vibration Monitor. The tool visualizes the vibration and temperature data live and can be used easily with any Turck IO-Link master – without any additional software required. The IO-Link protocol reliably transfers the data and generates useful information such as the sensor ID or its operating hours.

Shock-proof and robust

With its sealed and robust housing with protection to IP68/IP69K, a shock-proof design for up to 200 g and a temperature resistance from -40 to +85 °C, the CMVT sensor can meet the toughest requirements in terms of availability and operational safety and is ideal for use the automotive, food, logistics and machine building sectors. 

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