Thanks to the new gateway, Turck's BL20 I/O system can now also be used for high-speed Ethercat applications

Ethercat Gateway for High-Speed Applications

02/12 – Turck presents Ethercat gateway for BL20 I/O system

Turck is expanding the functionality of its BL20 I/O system with the BL20-E-GW-EC Ethercat gateway. The compact gateway from the Economy series ensures fast data transfer rates for real-time applications, such as is required for axis synchronization or for time-critical positioning tasks in the packaging industry. The new gateway now enables Turck's BL ident system to be integrated for the first time into Ethercat networks.

Together with the already available gateways for Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP, and the new Profinet model, BL20 fieldbus interfaces are now available for the most typical Ethernet bus protocols. With the compact BL20 Economy gateways, Turck is supporting the trend towards decentralization and is enabling flexible control solutions even where space is limited. The gateways with a width of only 33 millimeters come with an onboard power supply unit, a switch as well as two RJ45 female connectors, and thus significantly reduce installation requirements.

Despite their small dimensions, the Economy gateways offer the full functionality of the BL20 stations. When combined with easy to exchange electronic or Economy modules with up to 32 I/O channels, the BL20 series supports a host of different signal types – from digital and analog inputs/outputs to PWM counter modules and DOL and reversing starters right through to RFID modules. Tailor-made solutions for IP20 applications can be thus implemented regardless of the fieldbus in use.

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