The TBEN-L-8IOL is the first IO-Link master with Profinet S2 system redundancy

I/O Solutions with Profinet S2 System Redundancy

09/19 – Turck is supporting the move towards Profinet integration in process automation with the world's first IP67 I/O module with Profinet S2 system redundancy

Mülheim, March 19, 2019

Turck is presenting at the Hannover Messe the TBEN-L5-8IOL as the first fieldbus module with Profinet S2 system redundancy. The IO-Link master with IP67 protection is the only device of its kind at present to support the Profinet redundancy concept relevant for process automation. Through the upgrade, the block I/O module is able to establish via a single connection communication relations to two controllers – the primary controller and its backup. In this way, the master module integrates the host of existing IO-Link devices, such as position indicators, valve blocks, I/O hubs and sensors in the world of high availability systems.

The TBEN-L5-8IOL was provided with the additional function immediately after the first Profinet system redundancy certification was published. Over the course of the year, Turck will upgrade other multiprotocol devices such as the IP67 block I/O modules of the TBEN series, as well as the I/O systems for the control cabinet of the FEN20, BL20 and excom series. Profinet S2 system redundancy will thus soon become standard in Turck's entire fieldbus portfolio.

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