More variety: The Q300 UHF reader series now also includes Linux-based devices

Linux Expansion for RFID-UHF Readers

19/19 – Integrated software platform simplifies the implementation by system integrators

Mülheim, November 13, 2019

Turck is presenting a Linux variant of its versatile Q300 RFID-UHF reader. The operating system particularly offers benefits for system integrators who can carry out extensive programming on the read/write head – for example, for the decentralized preprocessing of data or for connecting to higher-level goods management systems.

The Q300 was put on the market a year ago as the “Multitool for Industry 4.0”. The two-watt reader makes it possible to connect up to four passive UHF antennas and can be used, for example, in applications with bulk detection. Trigger signals or LED lights can be controlled via the four digital I/Os. The switchable antenna polarization increases the read and detection rates in environments with a lot of metal. The read/write head in IP67 supports “Power over Ethernet” (PoE), and therefore only needs an Ethernet cable for the power supply and the communication with industrial controllers, ERP or other systems as required. 

In addition to the existing Codesys and new Linux variant, Turck is also presenting Q300 devices based on Windows Embedded Compact 2013 as well as OPC-UA.

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