Large bandwidth, compact, fast, robust and safe: These are the features of Turck's TBEN-L-SE-M2 managed Ethernet switch

Managed Ethernet Switch with IP67

Turck's TBEN-L switch with a GBit high-speed backbone guarantees short cycle times and secure operation in IIoT

The TBEN-L-SE-M2 is a compact 10-port managed switch with IP67 protection. Thanks to its very high data rates up to 1 Gbit/s, the robust switch makes it possible to considerably speed up camera applications. The high-speed link-up function supports fast tool changes in less than 150 ms for minimum cycle times in robot applications. Thanks to its suitability for decentralized installation directly in the field, the switch also reduces the wiring required between the control cabinet and Ethernet stations on the machine. The TBEN-L switch thus clears the way for consistent modularization in machine building.

Your Benefits

  • Higher clock rates thanks to high-speed link-up function
  • Maximum security with NAT routing and an integrated firewall 
  • Easy installation directly in the field
  • Reduced product variants with multiprotocol Ethernet standard
  • Highest availability due to broadcast storm protection and network load monitoring

NAT prevents doubling of IP addresses

The manageable switch offers several functions for the secure and efficient organization of industrial Ethernet networks. The integrated firewall thus offers bidirectional protection from unauthorized access and thus reliably increases security in IIoT. Its NAT routing function enables stations to be represented under alternative addresses in higher-level networks. The device thus reliably prevents the doubling of IP addresses in the network of the user. The port-based IP address assignment allows station addresses to be allocated via the web browser of the switch.

Increased availability

The switch can increase the availability of lines by means of media redundancy (RSTP). By setting up virtual networks (VLAN) users can separate production networks from management networks or assign individual bandwidths to each VLAN and thus protect the network from overloads caused by broadcast floods. The network load monitoring function at each port provides a continuous overview of the bandwidth utilization in the network.


  • Automotive – Due to its high data rates and short link-up times, the switch is ideal for use in production lines. It also processes the high data rates of IP cameras in very short cycle times.
  • Mobile machinery/Agricultural machinery – The switch can be optimally used for streaming on-board cameras. Multicast allows several users to access a stream.
  • Intralogistics – The switch can also be used to control internal material and goods flows.


  • 10-port Switch with IP67 protection
  • GBit high-speed backbone
  • 8 x 100-Mbit ports
  • NAT Routing
  • Port-based IP address assignment


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