The K100 Pro Indicator features 14 color options that can be used for status and indication applications

Programmable Multicolor LED Indicators

With the Banner-K100 series Turck offers configurable LED indicators with optimized visibility and an optional audible alarm

Turck is expanding its portfolio LED lights with the robust LED indicators of the K100 series. The 100 mm beacons developed by Turck's partner Banner Engineering are available in two configurations. The Pro Daylight Visible beacon model offers 12 audible options and has a clear lens that avoids false indications, even in sunlight. It offers bright indication in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The model’s clear lens provides distinct indication, even in sunlight, avoiding false indications. It features three color options (green, yellow, and red) for status indication, operator guidance, and other functions.

Your Benefits

  • Improved workflow and reduced downtime through clearly communicated status information 
  • Intuitive configuration for a variety of applications via Pro Editor software from Banner
  • IP66 protection rating enables universal outdoor use

Suitable for most outdoor applications

The K100 Pro Indicator model has a diffused lens that appears white when inactive, thereby preventing false indication. It features 14 color options that can be used for status and indication applications. Animations include options such as flash, intensity sweep, and wave. Both beacon models can include an optional audible alarm and have an IP66 environmental rating for dust, rain, and snow.

Control and customization without IO-Link

The beacon series is discretely controlled and ideal for users who do not have IO-Link but want control and customization capabilities to communicate information visually. Banner’s proprietary Pro Editor software enables users to program device status, colors, and animations. The PC-based interface makes it easy to configure a beacon for a range of applications, such as displaying machine warm-up time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process and communicating multiple machine states.


  • Mobile Equipment


  • IP66 rating
  • PNP or NPN operation depending on wiring
  • AC and DC models available


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