The compact starter kit gives you all the components to set up your first IO-Link system

Starter Kit to Experience IO-Link

Turck's IO-Link system box, consisting of I/O module, sensors and indicator light enables users to discover the benefits of the communication standard

Turck offers a compact starter kit for users wishing to discover the benefits of the IO-Link digital communication protocol. The IO-Link devices contained in the box enable interested users to set up their own system and thus gain hands-on experience in the technology.

Use additional data for condition monitoring

The IO-Link devices supply maintenance data for the condition monitoring of machines and plants as well as user data. Thanks to the IO-Link master TBEN-S with four universal PNP channels, these are easy to use, and can also be visualized with the IO-Link RGB indicator light.

Your Benefits

  • Ready to go – other than a PC, no additional hardware or software is required
  • Test the feasibility of an application in advance without making unnecessary investments 
  • Direct device integration into Profinet systems with short commissioning time, thanks to SIDI

The starter kit also contains a 230 V power supply unit, cables to connect a PC or to connect the IO-Link master and the IO-Link devices (M12-M12 and M8-Ethernet RJ45) as well as a USB memory stick for easier commissioning. The memory medium also contains the PACTware operating software as well as all IO device descriptions (IODD) and an IODD DTM Interpreter.

Fast integration in Profinet systems

The Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI) software enables devices to be integrated in Profinet systems without the need for any additional software. The SIDI library on Turck's IO-Link masters not only includes all of the company's IO-Link devices as well as those of optoelectronics partner Banner Engineering, but also several devices of well-known manufacturers. Other manufacturers can be integrated on request. This means that the IO-Link devices can be selected from the hardware catalog of a programming environment such as TIA Portal as if they were submodules of an I/O system. Important features and parameters, such as measuring ranges, output signals or pulse rates can be changed in the plain text field.


  • Multiprotocol I/O module with 4 IO-Link master channels
  • 8-channel I/O hub for the connection of 8 digital PNP signals
  • Inductive sensor with large switching distance and factor 1 for all metals
  • M18 ultrasonic sensor with temperature compensation and ultrasound intensity analysis
  • Access to process data, diagnostics and device information via IO-Link


Application: Preventive Maintenance on Conveyor Belts

Ultrasound presence detection of objects with simultaneous monitoring of the signal quality

Success Story: Contactless transfer of power and switching signals

Inductive couplers transfer power and switching signals, while the IDs of the IO-Link sensors ensure a reliable container identification

At a Glance: Process Optimization with IO-Link

IO-Link is essential for paving the way for efficient, digital production

Technology Page: For those who want to know more

Technical background information on the IO-Link communication standard

Whitepaper: Condition Monitoring with IO-Link

Learn how you can protect your machine from unplanned downtimes using the intelligent interface


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