Product  TW-R4-22-B128

HF Tag

Glass Tag

Order number: 7030237
    • Mobile tag, for use in autoclaves
    • Read/Write
    • Distances measured with narrow side of tag aimed towards the read/write head
    • The tag must undergo adequate stress tests within the proposed temperature processes before deployment. Otherwise, its durability cannot be guaranteed when exposed to temperatures outside the denoted range.
    • EEPROM, memory 128 byte
    • Not for direct mounting on metal

General data

EAN 4047101289725
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27280401 -/- Identification RFID
Customs tariff number 85235110000
Country of origin MY
Weight 2.041 g

Technical Data

Technology HF RFID
Memory type EEPROM
Design Hard tag
Housing diameter Ø  4  mm
Mounting Metal-free
Memory 128  Byte
Freely usable memory 112  Byte
Housing material Glass
Active area material Glass, Glass
Temperature during read/write access -25…+70 °C
Temperature outside detection range -40…+140 °C
Protection class IP68

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