Product  CMTH1-M12-IOL6X2-H1141

Humidity and Temperature Sensor

For Condition Monitoring with IO-Link

Order number: 100027532
    • Accurate temperature and humidity measurement
    • Sensor-2-cloud compatible
    • DC 4-wire, 18…30 V DC
    • Male connector, M12 × 1
    • Configuration and communication via IO-Link v1.1
    • Continuous process values for temperature and humidity
    • Temperature monitoring with adjustable limits: 2 × Min/Max
    • Humidity monitoring with adjustable limits: 2 × Min/Max
    • Operating hours meter for further analysis options
    • Limit values of preset values monitored in SIO mode

General data

EAN 4047101539080
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27209090 -/- Measuring device (other, not classified)
Customs tariff number 85365019900
Country of origin DE
Weight 32 g

Technical Data

Function Temperature/humidity sensor
Design Cylinder, threaded
Operating voltage 18…30 VDC
Output function Programmable, IO-Link SIO Mode
Communication protocol IO-Link
Electrical connection Connector, M12 × 1
Housing material Metal, CuZn, Chrome-plated
Ambient temperature -25…+85 °C
Protection class IP67

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