With an IO-Link output and two switching outputs, the CMVT is ideal for condition monitoring in existing or new plants

Combined Vibration/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

Turck's CMVT sensor evaluates vibration and temperature data internally and thus also the easy retrofitting of condition monitoring in existing plants

Turck has expanded its product portfolio with the CMVT, a robust vibration sensor with integrated temperature measurement for condition monitoring applications. Vibration and temperature are the key characteristic values for detecting machine faults early on, such as those caused by the imbalance of rotating parts. The CMVT detects vibration on three axes and evaluates them internally. It outputs a warning signal directly if the set limit values are exceeded – either via IO-Link or as a switching signal.

Your Benefits

  • Maintenance and wear-free 
  • Machine monitoring without any PLC integration thanks to internal data preprocessing
  • Ideal for new equipment and retrofitting of existing machines

Easy use via IO-Link master

The switching output is particularly suited for setting up retrofit and standalone applications since it can be used directly as a trigger for an indicator light – without the need for integration in existing control systems. Commissioning the sensor is easy thanks to the Turck Vibration Monitor. The tool visualizes the vibration and temperature data live in any web browser and can be used easily via any Turck IO-Link master – without any additional software required. Other information, such as operating hours, can be output via IO-Link and transferred to cloud systems.

Simpler condition monitoring

The sensor detects accelerations in g and vibration speeds in mm/s over a wide frequency range. The smart preprocessing of the sensor data also allows the direct output of peak-to-peak values or rms values of acceleration and speed. The CMVT here outputs threshold values in accordance with ISO 10816-3, which considerably simplifies standard-compliant condition monitoring.


  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Logistics
  • Mechanical Engineering


•    3 axis vibration measurement
•    IO-Link & PNP/NPN
•    Vibration Monitor


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All Details about the CMVT-QR20-IOLX3-H1141

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