Monitoring cooling lubricants in machine tools

PS+ pressure sensors monitor that cooling lubricants are being correctly supplied to ensure that the workpieces are processed accurately and do not sustain damage. The metal measuring cell and pressure peak aperture reliably protect PS510-series sensors against impacts they may receive in the piping system. Users will benefit from pressure sensors that remain stable in the long term.

Controlling hydraulic pressure in pressing plants

A defined hydraulic pressure level is crucial for ensuring high repeatability when forming the sheet metal for body components. The PS+ pressure sensors record the process values and immediately inform the control unit if there is excess pressure. Intelligent communication via IO-Link enables efficient condition monitoring.

Measuring process pressure on scissor lifts

Reliably lifting and lowering heavy-ton workpieces - the piezoresistive pressure sensors of the PS+ series monitor the hydraulic cylinders in order to ensure that scissor lifts can fulfil this task. Capacitive touchpads make the fluid sensors easy to operate. As there are no mechanical controls, the sensors are more robust. The operating concept won the iF Design Award 2019.