Temperature Sensors

Turck's product portfolio provides users with flexibility for temperature measurement: Temperature sensors from the TS product series enable quick commissioning and offer a high level of convenience during operation. The TTM/TTMS product series includes a number of compact sensors – with integrated probe or with M12 connector for separate probes. T-Gage infrared sensors measure temperatures from 0 to 300 °C without making physical contact, which can prove to be a distinct cost advantage. 

The range is supplemented by quick temperature measuring amplifiers (IMX12, IM34), including particularly narrow interface devices – for more space in a switch cabinet with peak performance at the same time.

TS+ – Temperature Sensors with Plug & Play

Turck's robust TS+ sensors with IO-Link offer smart functions for easy commissioning and predictive maintenance concepts. The compact devices are operated via capacitive touchpads and show values on a 14-segment display. These are optionally available with an integrated temperature probe (TS700) as well as processing and display units (TS720) for connecting resistance thermometers or thermocouples.

Three pushbuttons, a clear menu structure and a clearly visible LED display ensure convenient programming of the intelligent sensor.

Robust: The sensor has a stainless steel housing with touch operation instead of mechanical operating elements, which is ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments thanks to IP67 and IP69K protection.

Installation is user-friendly – the devices may be mounted in any orientation. The display panel can be rotated by 180°. 

Freedom of choice: We offer sensors with switching outputs or a combination of switching and analog outputs.

TTM – IO-Link-Enabled Miniature Temperature Sensors

Integrated evaluation electronics allow the miniature sensors of the TTM product series to capture precise temperature measurements in the smallest possible space. Stainless-steel versions and device variants with IO-Link are both available.

Compact: The fully potted TTM sensors are only 25 mm longer and 1.5 mm wider than a standard M12 × 1 connector.

Versatile: Users can choose between rod-type or screw-in sensor versions with different temperature ranges.

IM34/IMX12 – Temperature Measuring Amplifiers for Measured Value Evaluation

Temperature measuring amplifiers evaluate changes in Ni100/Pt100 resistors, thermocouples of types B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T or low voltages in the range of -160 to +160 mV. The temperature linear output is via current signals of 0/4 to 20 mA.

Precise and compact: With a width of only 12.5 mm, the IMX12-TI is one of the narrowest interface devices on the market.

The established FDT/DTM technology enables simple parameterization of devices, for example using the PACTware operating software.

T-Gage – Infrared Temperature Sensors for Contactless Measurements

As a passive, contactless analog sensor, the T-Gage detects objects within a certain window. In contrast to other photoelectric sensors, it does not emit its own light but measures the infrared radiation emitted by objects.

Fast response: The sensor has a short response time of 25 ms (up to 20 Hz switching speed).

Simple programming of limits via the teach function, either in static or dynamic mode.

The T-Gage is versatile: For instance, it can be used to monitor the temperature of conveyor-belt rollers or to detect cooled dairy products.

The sensor works reliably in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -20° to +70° and complies with protection class IP67.

Elevator Pitch: Temperature Sensors

The new TS are the perfect solution for measuring and displaying temperatures in a wide range of industrial applications.

Best Practice

Infrared Process Increases Efficiency

Friedrich Wilhelms-Hütte Eisenguss GmbH now monitors the preheating of iron pans with infrared temperature sensors. This has enabled the Mülheim-based company to reduce their monthly gas consumption by 25 percent. T-Gage sensors look to the exterior walls of the pans and tackle the application much less expensively than comparable pyrometers.

From Old to New: IM34 Replaces 19-inch Technology

Temperature measurement is an important process parameter in the BP oil refinery in Lingen. The outdated technology in the control room was no longer adequate for this. The company subsequently switched from 19-inch transducers to Turck's universal transducer IM34, saved space in the switch cabinet and was therefore able to use the existing wiring.

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