Product  TBIP-L5-FDIO1-2IOL

Hybrid Module for EtherNet/IP and CIP-Safety

Safe Digital Inputs and Outputs, Standard Universal Digital Channels, IO-Link Master Ports

Order number: 6814056
    • Compact Ethernet/IP CIP-safe block I/O module
    • 5-pin power supply
    • 2 safe digital inputs
    • 2 safe universal digital inputs or outputs
    • 4 universal digital inputs or outputs
    • 2 IO-Link Master Ports Class A
    • Integrated Ethernet switch allows line topology
    • 2 x M12 Ethernet fieldbus connection, D-coded, 4-pin
    • Males 7/8", 5-pin, for power supply
    • Glass fiber reinforced housing
    • Shock and vibration tested
    • Fully potted module electronics
    • Protection classes IP65, IP67, IP69K

General data

EAN 4047101417968
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27250302 -/- Digital I/O module (periphery)
Customs tariff number 85369095990
Country of origin DE
Weight 654 g

Technical Data

Protection class IP65/ IP67/ IP69K

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