Flow Sensors/Flow Meters

Monitoring flowing media plays an important role in many industrial applications. In that regard, a distinction is made between flow sensors and flow meters depending on the requirements.

Flow sensors ensure low-cost and safe monitoring of limit values, while flow meters continuously measure the volume flow. Turck offers a wide range of sensors with integrated or downstream electronics – for liquids, gaseous media or explosion hazardous areas.

FS+ - Compact Flow Sensors with IO-Link

Sensors in the FS+ product series monitor both flow and temperature of liquid media. Users can set the switching point in a few seconds and the device is operated via capacitive touch pads. In addition, the sensor's award-winning design aims for maximum robustness.

Save time: With Quick-Teach, a switching point can be set in just a few seconds, directly on the sensor if desired.

Delta flow monitoring guarantees a reliable teach-in at constant flow. This makes the teach-in process even more reliable.

High protection classes thanks to an innovative sealing concept. With IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K, the FS+ can easily be used in harsh environments.

IO-Link 1.1 simplifies data exchange. The sensor can also be taught in, operated or read out remotely.

FCI/FTCI/FCVI/FCMI – Inline Sensors for Pipe Sizes up to DN20

Turck's range of inline sensors includes thermal (FTCI), vortex (FCVI) and magnetic-inductive (FCMI) flow meters. Flow sensors are also available as inline devices (FCI) – for liquid and gaseous media or for use in explosion hazardous areas. The product series are ideal for smaller pipe diameters up to DN10 or DN15 or DN20.

Free pipe cross-section, no pressure loss and simple installation – because inline sensors are inserted into the line like a piece of pipe.

Quickly identify deviations: Inline devices for flow measurement have a short response time of seconds.

FM/FMX – Evaluation Units for the Connection of Flow Sensors

All Turck flow sensors without their own evaluation electronics (remote probes) can be operated with the intelligent flow modules from the FM-IM product series. Device versions for both non-Ex areas (FM) and explosion hazardous areas (FMX) are available, compatible with remote probes for liquids and gases, if necessary in an intrinsically safe version.

Simple parameterization of FM devices: Either on-site at the flow module via touch buttons or with software support via IO-Link or HART.

The FM devices offer various types of output, from the PNP transistor output via a relay output to analog 4–20 mA current output.

Explosion protection: Thanks to the physical separation of electronics and sensor, liquids and gases in Ex zones 0 and 1 can be monitored.

Remote probes are available in compact designs and can therefore be installed easily in environments where space is at a premium.

Two in One

Reliable in harsh environments: The IO-Link capable sensor monitors flow and temperature of liquid media

Elevator Pitch: Fluid+ Flow Sensors

The robust sensor FS+ comes with a highly robust stainless steel housing, together with a one-piece translucent front cap

Best Practice

Air Flow Monitoring in Electric Locomotives

In spite of difficult installation conditions, M18 flow sensors for gaseous media check the air cooling in the converter cabinets of a Chinese electric locomotive. In doing so, the FCS-M18-LIX compensates for temperature fluctuations with its special sensor design and targeted installation.

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