The compact inclinometers in the Q20L60 and Q42 product series are suitable for virtually any application where an inclination angle needs to be detected contactlessly. Dynamic sensors in the QR20 product series with a fused sensor signal from MEMS and gyroscope ensure reliable inclination measurement in moving applications and filter out shocks and vibrations much more effectively than conventional signal filters.

We offer sensors for angular ranges of  ±10°, ±45°, ±60° and ±85° as well as with freely selectable measuring range 0…360°. The following output variants are available: 4–20 mA, 0.5–4.9 V, 0–10 V, PNP/NPN switching window as NC or NO contact, IO-Link, CANopen.

QR20 — Single- and Two-Axis Inclinometers with Unrivaled Dynamics

The data fusion from the accelerometer and gyroscope provides the highest precision in dynamic applications. In this way, the B1NF and B2NF single- and two-axis inclinometers in the compact QR20 product series achieve dynamics that enables their use in very fast control loops on moving or vibrating machines. Turck offers the B1N single-axis and the B2N two-axis devices in the QR20 product series for static use in applications with stringent requirements in terms of housing technology.

Sensors in the QR20 product series output their signal via IO-Link COM3, the latest and fastest version of the digital interface. 

Weak point eliminated: The use of translucent plastics for the LED display eliminates LED lenses as a potential weak point in the housing.

Spirit level function simplifies mounting: LED uses a flashing frequency to indicate when the sensor is positioned horizontally.

The 20-mm-high design, QR20, is extremely compact and fulfills the requirements of protection classes IP68/IP69K. This enables use in extreme environments.

Q20L60 — Compact Inclinometers for Measuring Ranges up to 360°

Depending on the variant, inclinometers in the Q20L60 design have a freely selectable measuring range from 0 to 360°. Depending on the version, they are available with analog output or two switching points.

With a repeatability of 0.1 % of the measuring range, the inclinometers impress wherever maximum precision is required.

The Q20L60 design is extremely compact with a height of 20 mm and conforms to protection classes IP68/IP69K. This enables use in extreme environments.

Q42 — Two-Axis Inclinometers with up to 360° Measuring Range

Robust inclinometers in the Q42 design can be freely parameterized within the maximum detection range of 360° in each case. In the two-axis B2N variant, the high-precision sensors in IP68/IP69K detect both inclination and acceleration, are IO-Link-compatible and measure every possible angle via two axes with a range of 360° each. 

Via IO-Link or a teach-pin, users can make individual filter settings and thus suppress potential interference pulses.

360° view: Using two axes each with 360°, the inclinometer measures every possible angle.

Simple parameterization: Measuring range, zero point or switching window are set via IO-Link or teach pin.

Flexible process integration thanks to various types of output: 4–20 mA, 0–10 V, PNP/NPN, NC/NO, 2x 16-bit IO-Link telegram.

Best Practice

Elk Test for American Fire Trucks

Strict standards apply for the approval of fire trucks in the USA. One specification is to ensure stability. In order to test this in advance in a meaningful way, one of the leading manufacturers of emergency vehicles uses an XXL tilting table, on which Turck sensors are mounted. Single-axis inclinometers provide precise values on the degree of tilt and plot further parameters such as vehicle movement.

Sensor-supported Inclination Measurement on a Combine Harvester

If the threshing unit of a combine harvester is to consistently work horizontally on an uneven surface, two-axis inclinometers can determine possible deviations laterally and in the direction of travel. Strong vibrations and unforeseen shock moments do not distort the measured values, since they can be hidden using individually adjustable filters.

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