Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors detect metallic objects without making physical contact. The wear-free operating principle ensures maximum operational safety and guarantees that the resistant initiators have a long useful lifetime.

Thanks to their extraordinary coil concept, uprox sensors from Turck also offer the largest switching distance, Factor 1 for all metals and unique installation freedoms. Proximity switches can be flexibly installed.

The complete range of inductive sensors includes, among other things, the following product series:

  • Factor 1 sensors
  • Rectangular, threaded and smooth barrel sensors
  • Explosion-proof sensors
  • Sensors with a cable connection, connector or terminal chamber

uprox – Factor 1 Sensors with Maximum Switching Distance on all Metals

The third generation of the uprox sensors offers the highest switching distances of all inductive Factor 1 sensors on the market to date and sets the standard for reliable detection of all metals. They detect copper, aluminum, stainless steel or steel, for example, with the same level of precision.

EMC resistent icon

The lack of a ferrite core means that the sensors are immune to interference resulting from magnetic DC fields and AC fields.

Welding resistant icon

Maximum welding resistance: uprox sensors are ideal for applications with strong magnetic fields and are also optionally available with PTFE coating.

Long life icon

Magnetic field immunity, possible flush or recessed mounting and large switching distances guarantee that sensors have a long useful lifetime.

Full flush icon

Flush uprox sensors always allow full flush mounting. The maximum switching distance on all metals remains unchanged.

Measuring Inductive Sensors for Contactless Distance Measurement

Measuring inductive sensors provide a distance-proportional signal – either via a current, voltage or IO-Link output. They are characterized by high speed and are used in many applications that require more than a simple digital switching signal.

Versatile icon

Determine the angle and rotation or trigger linear movements in a cost-effective way – the application possibilities for the sensors are diverse.

IO-Link icon

Devices with IO-Link are as individual as they are simple to parameterize; they feature various identification and diagnostic options.

Various outputs icon

Various output types, including voltage (0–10 V or 2–10 V), current (0–20 mA or 4–20 mA) and frequency (1–10 kHz).

Large portfolio icon

Extensive portfolio with different designs (from smooth 4-mm barrel to Q80) and housing materials such as stainless steel, plastic or brass.

Special Designs of Inductive Sensors for Specific Applications

The potential applications of inductive sensors are as varied as their designs. Therefore, Turck's complete range also includes several sensor types for special applications.

Ring sensor icon

Inductive ring sensors score with their compact and universally mountable housing. For example, they detect small metal parts in tubes.

Slot sensor icon

U-shaped slot sensors can detect objects where a definite assessment of the distance to the active face is not possible due to lateral approach.

Dual sensor icon

Dual sensors reliably detect the end positions of rotary actuators. The low mounting and wiring effort reduce costs.

Pneumatic clamps icon

Detection sets with two miniature sensors detect open/closed positions on pneumatic grippers. Turck offers numerous combination options.

uprox3 Sensors

The highest switching distances for all metals, even in the most compact designs M5 and 4 mm diameter smooth barrel. 

Elevator Pitch: Inductive Sensors

In addition to inductive sensors with flush measurement and IO-Link output, Turck now also offers three non-flush variants.

Best Practice

Precision Welding

FAW-Volkswagen relies on uprox+ sensors for safe welding and assembly operations on its automobile production lines in China. The sensors must be especially robust to reliably detect workpiece positions such as punching, welding, painting or final assembly.

Quick Sensor Changes thanks to Terminal Chamber Connection

Turck offers a clever way to swap sensors with a terminal chamber connection. With the uprox+ washdown, the entire terminal block can be pulled out like a plug and easily connected to the terminal chamber of a new sensor.

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