Linear Position Sensors

Position measurement tasks can be solved with a number of Turck sensors tailored to the requirements of each application. The portfolio comprises, on the one hand, inductive linear position sensors with a wear-free measuring principle. Furthermore, various draw-wire sensors and magnetostrictive linear position sensors are available for position detection in hydraulic cylinders and linear position sensors for the tracking of floats for level measurement. 

Dynamic and highly precise: Inductive, magnetic, magnetostrictive or draw-wire can transmit path information of up to 40 meters measuring length to the higher-level control. High sampling rates and precise measurement signals are necessary for demanding motion control.

Li – Linear Position Sensors with Fault-free Resonator Measuring Principle

Li linear position sensors from Turck work according to a revolutionary measuring principle, where the position is not detected by a magnetic positioning element but with an inductive oscillating RLC circuit. The wear-free devices are available in measuring ranges of 25 mm to 2000 mm depending on the design.

Thanks to robust design and contactless sensing, there is excellent linearity even under shock and vibration.

Regardless of the measuring length, the measuring principle allows a high sampling rate up to 5 kHz.

The system resolution favors extremely precise measurement signals. The default resolution is 16 bits in the latest generation.

With its resonator oscillating circuit, the sensors are extremely insensitive to magnetic fields and offer excellent EMC behavior.

DW – Draw-wire Sensors for Precise Positioning

Encoders with prefixed draw-wire sensors are the right solution for direct length measurement – whether for positioning a crane basket or vehicle support. 

Adaptability: Simple installation thanks to M12 × 1 connection and a lot of availiable interfaces.

With a repeatability of up to 0.05 mm, draw-wire sensors enable maximum precision – and thus exact positioning.

LTX / LTE – Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors for Hydraulic Cylinders

The pressure resistant LTX/LTE sensor in rod design has been developed for precise positioning in hydraulic cylinders. The magnetostrictive linear position sensor offers fast commissioning and is optimally configured from the factory. The possible applications range from mobile working machines to classic industrial applications.

The sensor operates contactless and is wear-free. Accuracy, linearity, shock resistance and impermeability are maintained for its lifetime.

All individual components ensure precise measurement signals and form the basis for high linearity and repeatability.

Robust: A vibration resistance of 30 g and shock resistance of 100 g reliably prevent disturbances of the compact IP68 sensor.

The programmable measuring range of the LTX allows easy adjustments for every application.

Measure Longer

Li linear position sensors reach a sampling rate of 5 kHz – up to a maximum of 2 m measuring length

Elevator Pitch: Linear Position Sensor

Turck's Li-Q25L combines the benefits of the contactless inductive measuring principle with IIoT features via IO-Link

Best Practice

Flying Fish: Safety and Driving Pleasure thanks to Precise Linear Position Measurement

Flying fish circling around a gigantic octopus – and thanks to linear position sensors from Turck they are just as dynamic as they are safe. The new Li-Q25 determines the horizontal position of the gondola arms on a popular fairground ride from Zierer. Instead of individual proximity switches, the carousel and special machine builders have opted for inductive linear position measurement with parameterization via IO-Link.

Check the Dough: Industrial Thickness Measurement with Linear Position Sensors

Potentiometers for thickness control in dough machines are usually susceptible to ingress of water, temperature shocks and aggressive chemicals. The Turck Li sensor measures without making physical contact and therefore fulfills the high requirements of protection class IP67 – for reliable measurement of dough thickness.

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