Product  BL67-4IOL

BL67 Electronic Module

4 IO-Link Master Channels, 16 Bytes of I/O Data

4 Configurable Digital Channels, PNP, Channel Diagnostics, 0.5 A

Order number: 6827386
    • Independent of the type of fieldbus and connection technology used
    • Protection class IP67
    • LEDs indicate status and diagnostic
    • Electronics galvanically separated from the field level via optocouplers
    • 4 IO-Link master acc. to specification V1.1
    • 4 universal digital channels, PNP, channel diagnostics, 0.5 A

General data

EAN 4047101294149
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27250302 -/- Digital I/O module (periphery)
Customs tariff number 85369095000
Country of origin DE
Weight 54 g

Technical Data

Signal type IO-Link, Digital output, Digital input/output, Digital input
Connection technology signal M12
Device type I/O Module
Ambient temperature -40…+70 °C
Protection class IP67
Approvals CE, cULus, GOST

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