Passive Junction Boxes

Passive junction boxes bundle input signals and distribute output signals. This allows you to transmit up to 16 I/O signals via a single multicore cable. The multiple junction boxes are available with M8, M12 or 7/8″ connections.

Passive Signal Junction Boxes

Turck offers a comprehensive portfolio of passive junction boxes in M8, M12 and 7/8″ versions for efficient signal distribution. Protection classes up to IP67 offer excellent protection against moisture, dust and dirt in indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on the requirements, junction boxes with or without a cable outlet are more suitable – you will find both variants in the Turck portfolio.

Passive junction boxes with IP67 protection are resistant to moisture, dust and dirt in indoor and outdoor applications.

LEDs show the status of the individual ports — available as a PNP or NPN variant.

Customized cable colors and special assignments can be configured.

Simple plugging and screwing of connections saves time and minimizes errors.

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