Product  BS8241-0

Accessories for Sensors and Actuators

Field-Wireable Connector

Male Connector M12 × 1, Angled

Order number: 69011
    • Metal coupling nut
    • UL approval
    • Screw-clamp terminal
    • A-coding
    • 4-pin
    • PG7 screw-in thread
    • Cable feedthrough 4.0…6.0 mm

General data

EAN 4047101458282
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27279201 -/- Connectivity (accessories sensors)
Customs tariff number 85366990990
Country of origin DE
Weight 23 g

Technical Data

Application Signal
Connector A Male, M12 × 1, Angled, A-coded
Number of Pins 4
Connection mode Screw/clamp connection
Screw-in thread PG7
Housing material Plastic, PA
Coupling nut/screw material Die-cast Zinc, GD-Zn, Nickel-plated
External diameter of the cable 4…6 mm
Core cross-section/Clamping ability 0.14…0.75 mm²
Voltage 250 V
Current 4 A
Approvals CE, UKCA

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