Product  RU50U-S18-AP8X

Ultrasonic Sensor

Diffuse Mode Sensor

Order number: 100000394
    • Smooth sonic transducer face
    • Cylindrical housing S18, potted
    • Connection via cable, 2 m
    • Teach range adjustable via adapter
    • Temperature compensation
    • Blind zone: 5 cm
    • Range: 50 cm
    • Aperture angle of sonic cone: 20°
    • PNP switching output, NO contact
    • Switching range adjustable

General data

EAN 4047101438079
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27272803 -/- Ultrasonic proximity switch
Customs tariff number 8536507000
Country of origin DE
Weight 112 g

Technical Data

Function Ultrasonic diffuse mode sensor
Design Threaded barrel
Construction size Threaded barrel, S18
Max. range 500  mm
Electrical design NO contact, PNP
Electrical connection Cables
Housing material Plastic, LCP, Yellow
Special features Compact

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