Product  RI360P0-QR24M0-INCRX2-H1181

Contactless Encoder

Incremental: 1 … 5000 ppr

Premium Line

Order number: 1590910
    • Compact, rugged housing
    • Many mounting possibilities
    • Status displayed via LED
    • Immune to electromagnetic interference
    • 1024 pulses per revolution (default)
    • 360, 512, 1000, 1024, 2048, 2500, 3600, 4096, parametr. via Easy-Teach
    • Free parametrization of the pulse number in the range from 1 to 5000 via PACTware
    • Position of z-track set via Easy-Teach
    • Burst function, absolute angular position output incrementally per Easy-Teach pulse
    • 10…30 VDC
    • Male M12 x 1, 8-pin
    • Push-pull A, B, Z, A (inverse), B (inverse)

General data

EAN 4047101304015
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270502 -/- Encoder, incremental
Customs tariff number 90318020000
Country of origin DE
Weight 335 g

Technical Data

Encoder line Premium-Line
Technology Contactless
Output type Incremental
Shaft Type Hollow shaft
Shaft diameter D [mm] 6  mm6.35  mm9.525  mm10  mm12  mm12.7  mm14  mm15.875  mm19.05  mm20  mm
Construction size 81 x 78 x 24 mm
Flange type Flange without mounting element
Resolution, incremental 1024  ppr
Operating voltage 10…30 VDC
Output function Push-Pull/HTL
Electrical connection Connector, M12 × 1
Housing material Metal/plastic, ZnAlCu1/PBT-GF30-V0
Ambient temperature -25…+85 °C
Protection class IP68/IP69K

Mounting accessories

P1-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 20 mm shafts
P2-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 14 mm shafts
P3-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 12 mm shafts
P4-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 10 mm shafts
P5-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 6 mm shafts
P6-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 3/8“ shafts
P7-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 1/4“ shafts
P8-RI-QR24 Positioning element with blanking plug for large shafts
M1-QR24 Aluminum protecting ring, for inductive encoders RI-QR24
PE1-QR24 Positioning element without adapter sleeve
RA1-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 20 mm shafts
RA2-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 14 mm shafts
RA3-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 12 mm shafts
RA4-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 10 mm shafts
RA5-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 6 mm shafts
RA6-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 3/8“ shafts
RA7-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 1/4“ shafts
RA8-QR24 Plug for mounting option C
SP1-QR24 Shield plate Ø 74 mm, aluminium
SP2-QR24 Shield plate Ø 74 mm, aluminiuim, with borehole for shaft feedthrough
SP3-QR24 Shield plate Ø 52 mm, aluminium

Connectivity accessories

RKC8T-2/TXL Connection cable, female M12, straight, 8-pin, cable length: 2 m, sheath material: PUR, black; cULus approval; other cable lengths and qualities available, see
E-RKC 8T-264-2 Connection cable, female M12, straight, 8-pin (twisted pairs),shielded, cable length: 2 m, sheath material: PVC, black; cULus approval; other cable lengths and qualities available, see
RKC8.302T-1.5-RSC4T/TXL320 Adapter cable to connect sensor to USB-2-IOL-0002 programming unit; female M12, straight, 8-pin on male M12, straight, 3-pin; cable length: 1.5 m; jacket material: PUR, jacket color: black, cULus approved; RoHS conform; protection class IP67

Functional accessories

USB-2-IOL-0002 IO-Link Master with integrated USB port
TX2-Q20L60 Teach adapter for inductive encoders with 8-pin male M12 x 1, for simple programming via Easy Teach

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